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Strike Debt and the Debt Resistor’s Manual

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This interview, coupled with the manual that prompted it, were two of the highlights of our time in NYC with OWS. In just two months, the Strike Debt group, teamed with organizers from Occupy Wall Street, put together the Debt Resistor’s Manual that explicates the idea of debt in a digestible and accessible way. It is beautifully constructed, and explains all of the ways that debt (whether you have it personally or not) controls, and in most cases, cripples our lives. It is also a call to group resistance of debt, and urges us to move towards a debt free society! Check out the interview, and then check out Strike Debt and all they have going on (including Debt Resistor groups in your area) at:


Walking Tour of #s16

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Here’s more footage of the incredibly helpful walking tour we took on #s16, led by the fabulous Austin Guest of Occupy Wall Street. Austin and others filled us in on the key targets for the following day’s actions, as well as some key info about the development of Wall Street, and its long history as a symbol of oppression. Listen up, and get schooled! Totally worth the watch!

Spectra Pipeline Protest #s16

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Here’s Chops’ footage from the march against the Spectra pipeline that kicked off events on #s16!

To learn more about the proposed pipeline, and why Occupy Wall Street and many other groups and individuals oppose it, start here:




Interviews with two of our big childhood influences!

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#s16 Occupy Wall Street Backstage with Jello Biafra

Hello again!

Great news! Not only did we reach our fundraising goal EARLY, we also finally got our interviews with Tom Morello and Jello Biafra up! These interviews were a highlight of our experience in NYC, and were filmed during #s16, the second day of events and celebration of the one year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

If you are in the Portland area tonight, please join us at B Media Collective’s event, “An Evening of Social Justice Community Shorts,” at 7pm in the Morirarty Auditorium on the PCC Cascade Campus. The evening will feature videos from a 6 week course the B Media Collective taught this summer and includes videos from:

Working Families Party (Student Debt)
Move to Amend (Corporate personhood)
OPAL (Transportation crisis in Portland)
CIO (Immigrants rights and advocacy in Afsc Portland)
VOZ (Day laborers and union laborers in conversation)
PCASC (Columbian GM workers on strike)
B Media (Get off the coal train, Reportback from Occupy Wall Street anniversary)

Thanks again for all the support! We love our communities!!!!

Truth to Power News and the B Media Collective



#s17 – The Big Day!

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Apologies for the delay in disseminating this footage. After a weekend of 20+ hour days spent on the streets and then at home compiling and editing footage, things got hairy towards the end, to say the least. We are happy to report that our videographer Chops is out of jail, safe and sound. He has tons of stories to share, and made a lot of lasting connections in the slammer, and we’re so happy to know that he is alright. Just as we witnessed brutality in the streets at the hands of New York City’s “finest,” so Chops witnessed dozens of arrestees file in and out of the two precincts at which he was held, with stories of brutalization and discrimination in their arrests. He shared accounts of those arrested, already handcuffed, awaiting transport, being head butted out of nowhere by cops in riot gear helmets. He also shared his rediscovered love of EVERYTHING after spending 36 frustrating hours in jail, in a city 3,000 miles from home. I’ve never heard someone so excited about getting to brew coffee….
The 1st anniversary of OWS was a sight to behold, and we are so grateful that we got the opportunity to do so. The organizers at OWS were so skilled and operated in such a reflective and intelligent manner. It was truly inspiring to see how they worked together, and incorporated the views, skills and comfort-levels of all involved to initiate effective and direct action throughout the day. You won’t read about it much elsewhere, especially in the mainstream media (however left they purport to lean), but business as usual was indeed disrupted on Wall St. that day, as dozens of banks were shut down, intersections taken over, and general organized chaos ruled the streets of Manhattan’s financial district.
We’ve received some comments on our videos thus far, claiming that the demonstrations were sad, in that they fell short of the past potential of the Occupy movement, and did not accomplish anything. To those commentating, we say this:

The goal of the weekend was to educate, celebrate, and resist. In all those senses, the goals were not only achieved – they were surpassed. Our videos bear witness to the fact that thousands of people, from all over the world, convened to learn more about what Occupy has accomplished and has set forth for itself in its infancy, to celebrate the fact that we are still here, that throughout the nation and elsewhere direct resistance to business as usual is growing increasingly effective and tangible, and that in the face of extreme repression by the state and omission by the media, we are in fact still resisting the status quo that has been thrust upon us.

From New York City to Portland, Quebec to Mexico City, and all over the rest of the world, we are rising together, growing in numbers, passion and intention to Occupy a state of mind that is able to collectively envision a world of justice, where all roads lead to equality, humanity and compassion, and away from corporate greed and Wall St.

Until next time, friends, we are Truth to Power News, and we are so happy to bring you the other side of the story.
In solidarity,

Adriane, Chops and the B:Media Collective


PS – We hope to bring you a larger piece as soon as we can, complete with interviews and even more amazing footage of the weekend, to round out our comprehensive coverage. For now, check in at our youtube channel to see raw interviews and other footage!

Occupy Wall Street #s16 Day of Celebration

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Oh my, what a day we’ve had, y’all!

We started off with a march against a pipeline, participated in a walking history tour of the financial district of new york city, and its past – deeply rooted in socio-economic injustice and oppression. We also got to interview two of our childhood heroes – Jello Biafra and Tom Morello! It was a wonderful, inspiring trip of a day!

We rounded it out with an informative Spokes Council meeting, during which we learned more about the actions planned for tomorrow’s anniversary and day of resistence. Before heading home we also visited the independent media headquarters for global rev, paper tiger tv and the league of war resistors.

All in all, it was a super inspiring day of celebration, commemorating all that we have collectively accomplished this year, and all that is still to come, as we occupy our hearts and minds and speak truth to power in the streets, and every day of our lives. We couldn’t have gotten here without you, and we hope you enjoy digesting our coverage as much as we did gathering it!

In solidarity,

Adriane with Truth to Power News

#s15 A day of Education and Collaboration

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Hey Everyone, thanks for tuning in!

It took us a little bit longer than we thought it might to put out our first set of videos from yesterday’s events… but that’s only because we got SO much amazing material! We were lucky enough to interview the now famous dissident and Occupier, retired Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis, as well as a slew of organizers and participants that have been heavily involved in the planning of this weekend. Together, with the help of the B:Media Collective, we were able to bring you this awesome recap. We are having internet issues, so please visit our youtube channel throughout the day to find the edited interviews that we got as they continue to upload, including Occupy Wall Street’s Info and Press teams, Iraq veteran medics, and more. Please check them out!

The stories we heard and the organization we witnessed yesterday were truly inspiring. Contrary to popular media coverage, which claims that our movement is dead in its tracks, we were able to feel the life of this movement in our bones – the whole day was electric, filled with information, networking and movement building. Today, we’re heading out to capture the celebration, including music performances, anti-fracking actions and more! Tune in this evening, and we’ll do our darnedest to have our amazing coverage out to you by the night’s end.
Speaking truth to power, in the streets,


PS – We’ve ALMOST reached our fundraising goal! Please continue to share the link to our fundraiser, and encourage your friends and family to contribute if they can! While you’re at it, take a moment to “like” our youtube channel, share our facebook link and get everyone you know tuned in! Thank you for your support!