Interviews with two of our big childhood influences!

#s16 Occupy Wall Street Backstage with Jello Biafra

Hello again!

Great news! Not only did we reach our fundraising goal EARLY, we also finally got our interviews with Tom Morello and Jello Biafra up! These interviews were a highlight of our experience in NYC, and were filmed during #s16, the second day of events and celebration of the one year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

If you are in the Portland area tonight, please join us at B Media Collective’s event, “An Evening of Social Justice Community Shorts,” at 7pm in the Morirarty Auditorium on the PCC Cascade Campus. The evening will feature videos from a 6 week course the B Media Collective taught this summer and includes videos from:

Working Families Party (Student Debt)
Move to Amend (Corporate personhood)
OPAL (Transportation crisis in Portland)
CIO (Immigrants rights and advocacy in Afsc Portland)
VOZ (Day laborers and union laborers in conversation)
PCASC (Columbian GM workers on strike)
B Media (Get off the coal train, Reportback from Occupy Wall Street anniversary)

Thanks again for all the support! We love our communities!!!!

Truth to Power News and the B Media Collective




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