#s17 – The Big Day!

Apologies for the delay in disseminating this footage. After a weekend of 20+ hour days spent on the streets and then at home compiling and editing footage, things got hairy towards the end, to say the least. We are happy to report that our videographer Chops is out of jail, safe and sound. He has tons of stories to share, and made a lot of lasting connections in the slammer, and we’re so happy to know that he is alright. Just as we witnessed brutality in the streets at the hands of New York City’s “finest,” so Chops witnessed dozens of arrestees file in and out of the two precincts at which he was held, with stories of brutalization and discrimination in their arrests. He shared accounts of those arrested, already handcuffed, awaiting transport, being head butted out of nowhere by cops in riot gear helmets. He also shared his rediscovered love of EVERYTHING after spending 36 frustrating hours in jail, in a city 3,000 miles from home. I’ve never heard someone so excited about getting to brew coffee….
The 1st anniversary of OWS was a sight to behold, and we are so grateful that we got the opportunity to do so. The organizers at OWS were so skilled and operated in such a reflective and intelligent manner. It was truly inspiring to see how they worked together, and incorporated the views, skills and comfort-levels of all involved to initiate effective and direct action throughout the day. You won’t read about it much elsewhere, especially in the mainstream media (however left they purport to lean), but business as usual was indeed disrupted on Wall St. that day, as dozens of banks were shut down, intersections taken over, and general organized chaos ruled the streets of Manhattan’s financial district.
We’ve received some comments on our videos thus far, claiming that the demonstrations were sad, in that they fell short of the past potential of the Occupy movement, and did not accomplish anything. To those commentating, we say this:

The goal of the weekend was to educate, celebrate, and resist. In all those senses, the goals were not only achieved – they were surpassed. Our videos bear witness to the fact that thousands of people, from all over the world, convened to learn more about what Occupy has accomplished and has set forth for itself in its infancy, to celebrate the fact that we are still here, that throughout the nation and elsewhere direct resistance to business as usual is growing increasingly effective and tangible, and that in the face of extreme repression by the state and omission by the media, we are in fact still resisting the status quo that has been thrust upon us.

From New York City to Portland, Quebec to Mexico City, and all over the rest of the world, we are rising together, growing in numbers, passion and intention to Occupy a state of mind that is able to collectively envision a world of justice, where all roads lead to equality, humanity and compassion, and away from corporate greed and Wall St.

Until next time, friends, we are Truth to Power News, and we are so happy to bring you the other side of the story.
In solidarity,

Adriane, Chops and the B:Media Collective


PS – We hope to bring you a larger piece as soon as we can, complete with interviews and even more amazing footage of the weekend, to round out our comprehensive coverage. For now, check in at our youtube channel to see raw interviews and other footage!


One Response to “#s17 – The Big Day!”

  1. Johan Thorssin Says:

    Hi Adrian, and Chops,
    I really love, and respect what you are doing. I am the father of three dynamic young ladies who like you Ms. Ackerman are working to make the world a better place, all in their own way. I have also been a member of the OWS affinity group Occupy Town Square since its inception in January. The young lady that you interviewed at Washington Square Park, Nina is a friend, and one of the bright young members of OTS. The young people that make up this group come from all backgrounds, and from three other countries as well. One thing they share is that they are all bright, courageous, and very determined people. I truly feel honored to be amongst them in this struggle.

    Please realize that my contributions to this group are small in comparison to their hard work. We all have talents to bring to advance this movement. Being a former merchant marine, mine are…. in rigging the banners, displays (including the ones at S15 and 16)……sending out invitations to our events to unis in a 30 mile radius of NYC…… talking to people at the events, and handing out lit….networking where I live on the Jersey shore with OWS and helping out in whatever way I can on the day of our pop-up events.

    In contrast, I have seen them email/text each other, and other groups, and people from morning to late night in preparing for these events. I have seen them sitting in a park on a cold night, in their once a week meeting bandying ideas around at lightning speed after having worked or gone to school all day. I that weren’t enough, i have also known some of them to take part in protests, or do jail watch after having so graciously hosted these OTS family friendly events.

    Have you looked into what Occupy Town Square does? I know that their formula of reaching out to the mainstream is starting to be emulated in other cities in the country. That in itself might be a good story.

    Once again , I appreciate, and respect what you are all doing to make this a better world.

    Solidarity, Johan

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