Occupy Wall Street #s16 Day of Celebration

Oh my, what a day we’ve had, y’all!

We started off with a march against a pipeline, participated in a walking history tour of the financial district of new york city, and its past – deeply rooted in socio-economic injustice and oppression. We also got to interview two of our childhood heroes – Jello Biafra and Tom Morello! It was a wonderful, inspiring trip of a day!

We rounded it out with an informative Spokes Council meeting, during which we learned more about the actions planned for tomorrow’s anniversary and day of resistence. Before heading home we also visited the independent media headquarters for global rev, paper tiger tv and the league of war resistors.

All in all, it was a super inspiring day of celebration, commemorating all that we have collectively accomplished this year, and all that is still to come, as we occupy our hearts and minds and speak truth to power in the streets, and every day of our lives. We couldn’t have gotten here without you, and we hope you enjoy digesting our coverage as much as we did gathering it!

In solidarity,

Adriane with Truth to Power News


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