Oh the excitement!!! We can hardly contain it! …so we won’t!!!

Hey all! First of all – a big thanks to Mr. Tiago DeJerk, an amazing husband, friend, and artist, for designing our sweet new Truth to Power News logo! Look for it on our mics in the videos, and soon-to-be on t-shirts the nation over.

Secondly, we are SO happy to announce that we have officially joined forces with our good friends at the B:Media Collective to bring you a fuller project, drizzled with much more awesome-sauce! With editing geniuses like Tim and Nat by our sides, we are more confident than ever that we will be able to bring you creatively produced, hard-hitting news coverage of this weekend’s events in New York City!

Speaking of New York City, Chops arrived yesterday, and has already been hard at work to bring you some awesome raw footage of several actions against the controversial, predatory Stop-and-Frisk policies of the NYPD. We’ll share his footage of the events leading up to this weekend, as well as his sweetly excited and sleep-deprived personal account at the end of this post.

I’ll be leaving work in about 3 hours to head to the airport with my press pass in my hand and an excited grin splashed across my face… hopefully that grin will still be there when I arrive in NYC at 5:30am, meet up with Chops and hit the streets for our first full day of action! Tim and Nat of the B:Media Collective will meet up with us tomorrow as well, and together we’ll be able to capture, edit, and distribute our first full news show by tomorrow evening! So please, keep an eye on us and this blog, to stay up to date with what we’re doing this weekend! You can subscribe to get email notifications by using the widget on the right side of the blog’s main page.

Lastly, we’ll be super busy this weekend keeping up with all of the excitement and wonderful workshops, trying to whittle down what I’m sure will be hours of footage into a digestible and engrossing production for you. As such, we won’t be able to hit the internet as frequently to encourage people to follow our feeds, donate to our campaign, or share our posts. We hope that you, our invested audience comprised of friends, family and beyond, will help us to do that. Please, any chance you can, share our project with someone new… encourage those that wouldn’t normally seek out an alternative news source to check out our videos, and contribute if you can. We can only hope that we will make you proud, and we’ll try our darnedest to make it so!

Until tomorrow, may the righteous agitation of awakening in a world that seems so fast asleep be your impetus for change, for fervor in all that you do, and may the whispers of your conscience carry you through! See you in New York, y’all!



From Chops:

On this Thursday morning the 13th I arrived in NYC from a long, mostly, sleepless night in the air on a cramped plane, headed over to a friends home that I will be staying at, got situated, and headed out, charged up on a steady supply of coffee, and stimulation from the city it’s self. I got lost, fell asleep on a train, and made it to two of the many Stop! Stop and Frisk / Stop Mass Incarceration events planed for the day. In Brownsville Brooklyn there were people handing out whistles, informative flyers, buttons and making a lot of noise. I got some footage and joined in by holding a sign, placing a button on myself, and blowing my new whistle.
This was a busy street and half the people coming and going were already wearing a whistle and many with buttons too. Those who came to get a whistle and a bit of info on what this was all about blew me away with some of the thing that they said. I was getting the feeling that abuse by police in this town was a very common part of mostly young and black peoples lives. (but not limited to them alone).
While all this was going on there was a police presence looming nearby, and that thankfully kept to themselves as far as I could see.
After things winded down, I headed to Union Sq. where there was another Stop! Stop and Frisk / Stop Mass Incarceration action being held. People mike-checked and told stories of police brutality that brought tears to some eyes in the group that had gathered to participate and to listen. I also was getting emotional, decided that I should get some food and sleep and headed out. 
for more information or to get involved go here http://occupywallst.org/article/stop-mass-incarceration-network-five-borough-actio/


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